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We breed Belgian Shepherd Tervueren​


Of the four varieties of the beautiful Belgian Shepherds we have fallen in love with the magnificent Tervueren. What stands out most in the appearance is the red fawn colour with the black overlay of the long hair, which makes the male Tervueren looks like a king.


Also and most importantly we love the mentality of the Belgian Shepherd. This dog is so keen and will work hard to please you in any sport or activity you choose. The love and passion they have for the family will make them follow you were ever you go and they will protect the family and your property.

This is not a dog for the family who only wants a family pet, this is a dog that wants to work and work hard, they will then reward you with a nice cuddle on the couch afterwards. 


It is our goal to breed healthy, mentally strong, and good looking Tervueren.


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