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BelgenBliss Boomerang 



Because of certain circumstances Boomer is retired and enjoying his time as a loving pet at home.

Boomer is one of the beautiful rare grey Tervuerens that ones in a blue moon gets born from red parents.


Boomer's pedigree:


Sire: CH Teangibelge Boromir (AI) 2100350117

  • S. INT CH Amigo of the Home Port (FRA)

  •      S. Debelisi Barox

  •      D.Yasmine of the Home Port

  • D. Chevy's Lucinda

  •      S. DK CH NORW CH Swan de la Prairiere De La Sommerau

  •      D. NORW CH Chevy's Djinga



Dam: CH KILUs Freya v Luna JDM AD SD SPD

  • S. CH Aldo Gourou v d Schagerward (IMP NDL) JDM AD SPD

  •      S. LUX CH BLG CH AM CH Gourou Du Crepsule Des Loups (FRA)

  •      D. Vienna v d Schagerward (BEL)

  • D. CH DK CH Susmiks Luna v Tiene (IMP DEN) ADM JDM ADO JDO SD SPDX GDX

  •      S. NDL CH Xoran Van De Hoegelaer (BEL)

  •      D. Leslies Tiene (DEN)


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